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Willing to completely innovate the Plastic Arts industry, Peter Dilworth, CEO and Max Bogue, CTO and co-founders of WobbleWorks LLC,(a product Design company, dedicated to toys and robotic conception) created a three-dimensional pen, affordable, easy and fast to use and without the needing of any software or computer.

The name of this pen is 3Doodler and, in spite of the original and completely new concept, its functioning is, actually, very simple and familiar. We can say it's a mixture between a 3D printer and a hot adhesive pistol. The pen is connected to the power supply, to heat a type of plastic called ABS to 270ºC, which, in contact with oxygen, will quickly cool and solidified, enabling us to draw in surfaces and subsequently, in the air.

The advantages of 3Doodler when compared with a three-dimensional printer are obvious, the difference in price is up to 1300 USD and while the printer can weigh as much as 33lbs (15kg), the pen is portable and weighs no more than 8oz (~200g).

About the visible results, they are completely distinct, since the printer as a more technical and precise objective and the pen, on the contrary, allows a style of expression and handling much more free, opening doors to a universe with more shape possibility.

In case of someone interested in buying one o this pens, the process of shopping is outside the traditional. The project creators opened a campaign, looking for help in order to fund and commercialize, initially they asked for 30.000 USD, now the project achieved a success of more than 2 million USD. To purchase a 3Doodler, it’s necessary to collaborate with the campaign, sending a minimum of 75 USD (~59 euros) to the page of the project on, everyone who collaborated will receive a pen on the date stated till now, this year November.

By Andreia Luz, 2013/03/13